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We are CannaCURE; an innovative new startup-project dedicated to the growing and management of Marihuana for medicinal and pleasure use. CannaCURE's founders are in this business since the beginning.

CannaCURE will produce 100% organical, pesticide-free,
grade A Marijuana in a completely standartized prozess. We produce INDOOR and OUTDOOR strains
from the very best and finest varietys available worldwide.
All energy used will come from renewable sources like wind-, water- and solar-energy.

We are currently the first Marijuana-Corporation to use Counterparty - a decentralized asset exchange on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. What this portends for your investment, is that your shares are not subject to traditional money market fluctuations, are 100% anonymous
and you receive an appreciable increase in dividends and profit, since we can pay dividends very easy and cheap.

Every share has the right to cast one vote in our yearly online-stockholder's meeting. That brings advantages to both, CannCURE and our shareholders because it saves a lot of time and money.

You can find our stocks under the name "MARIHUANA" on Counterparty-decentralized exchange,
and on Nxt-decentralized exchange.

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or if you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact us: